Monday, September 7, 2009

School Starts Tomorrow!

And so I'm emptying out the side bar lists for a fresh start, getting things a little bit cleaned up and organized and putting my planner together.

Ria's working on two different math realms this year. I've decided to do most of the geometry with her so that she can focus on the algebra more thoroughly (with some help from daddy). She'll be studying the 3rd part of the Catechism of the Catholic Church (along with a couple of encyclicals) and doing Ancient History and Lit. Chemistry, Latin, Government and an extra lit and writing class this fall pretty much round things out. Just ordered her some Princeton guides for some of the standardized tests she'll be doing this year - SAT, ACT and SAT Subject tests (in Latin, World History and Physics).

I'm looking forward to using the Catholic National Readers again with the younger set as they were a great fit for us last year (makes sense, since they were written for the one-room school house - which is an awful lot like homeschooling!)

We're still happy with Faith and Life and a number of CHC workbooks and our favorite Map Skills books. The younger kids are starting math with DK workbooks from Sam's Club and will move on to something else later (especially my 6th grader who is using it for extra review before she moves into a 6th grade text). Gus is doing Life of Fred Algebra (the earlier books in the series have been a great fit for him!).

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