Friday, February 13, 2009

Special Days and More This Week

Yesterday we went back to our little "preschool" thing at a friends' house (I put preschool in scare quotes because it's really a much wider age range than that - my middles come along too). To celebrate the Feast of Our Lady of Lourdes and the 200th birthday of Abraham Lincoln, we brought coloring pages for each and read D'Aulaire's Abraham Lincoln. Because that's such a long book, we didn't get to read the little Fr. Lovasik book we brought on Our Lady of Lourdes, but we did watch Song of Bernadette the previous day. Ria's actually reading the original book Song of Bernadette (by Franz Werfel) for a Catholic lit discussion group that meets tonight.

Last week I ordered a bunch of old SRA/McGraw-Hill Math books used online, based on some very good reviews over at Most arrived this week. One surprise hit so far (even though it wasn't exactly what I had intended to buy - it seems to be a teacher's supplement to the main text that is used for group discussion) is the Level 3 Thinking Story Book. It has funny, entertaining little stories that get the kids to think. The answers are right in the text, so someone else has to do it with the kids, but yesterday, when I was reading this aloud to Bernie, three other kids quickly popped up and followed along. :)

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