Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Tuesday, November 4th

We're getting things nailed down a little better with a strict policy of Math and Latin between 9 and 10:30 am. This has been particularly helpful for Gus (who always seems to focus the most when he's being timed) and it has really helped us pick things back up on the Latin. We pulled out a set of Latin flash cards this morning that I bought last year, but never used. There are 1000 cards all alphabetized, so I had to pull out the easier ones to get us started. Ria immediately starting sorting the bunch into words she knows and words she doesn't know. This was perfect since the ones she already knows are probably a good batch to get Gus and Terri working on. Speaking of Gus and Terri on Latin: they're really enjoying the Lingua Latina book. I'm trying to do a page or so of it with them every few days at least.

I'm also getting Kate back on track with the reading. I don't like to push too hard at this age, but she is ready for more and consistency seems to really help at this stage, but she and Frank have been nothing but distracting lately. Out of desparation I picked up a bag of clearance Halloween candy this morning and am offering a piece to each child after they've done their basic schoolwork and chores for the day. It's working like a charm so far, particularly with Kate, who voluntarily read two Bob books and finished nearly an entire spelling lesson (in her CHC book) this morning. Hoo-ray!

Now most of the kids are off to listen to "The Adventures of Sts. Peter and Paul" while they make rosaries.

Lots of music lessons and a catechism discussion will fill out our day. I also hope to find some interesting election things to do, though we probably won't get to them until later tonight in front of the news. (Our discussion goes until 8:30 pm).

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