Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Monday, November 3rd


Terri mastered multi-digit multiplication.

Read the Book of Tobit aloud to John, Ria, Gus and Terri.

Started cruising on musical note-reading cards with Gus, Terri and Bernie. Wish I had started these cards a few months ago!

Long and intense drama practice for Ria, Gus and Terri. The play is next week!

Saw two beautiful planets (sans telescope) last night. Wish I knew how to identify which ones they were. I suspect Jupiter and Venus, but I really should look it up. We have been better about taking the telescope out lately and had a nice view of Jupiter just last week.

Frank and Kate's favorite book lately has been Mistakes That Worked by Charlotte Jones and John O'Brien. It seems like we've been reading bits and pieces of this all over the place lately.

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